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Hi!! I'm Amee, currently a postgraduate research student working in the School of Environmental Sciences at the UEA. This is my personal website that I have created to document my research, postgraduate life and general interests.

. I am active on twitter, LinkedIn and Research Gate so feel free to add me if you have an account too, or your could contact me directly on here! To learn more about me click on one of the links below.


My current research project is investigating how stratospheric processes can interact with ocean circulation. To find out what I am currently up to check out my 'Research' blog category.



As an undergrad student I studied mathematics and I am extremely passionate about the subject. I especially love how you can use maths model the world we live in.


Personal Interests

Just a little section about my personal interests and hobbies; to prove that I am not a robot! Although sometime before my morning coffee I may be a bit Daleky....


Curriculum Vitae

This is a page that hosts my current CV for any interested party. You can view it directly or download a pdf version.

21st Feb 2014
Image by By Petar Milošević via Wikimedia Commons.

Climate Snack

Climate Snack is a platform that allows early career scientists to write in a low pressure, informal environment where they can receive feedback from their peers and the wider Climate Snack...

19th Aug 2013
'Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth'

It's all about Maths Maths Maths!

  I was fortunate enough to devote four years of my life to the amazing subject of Mathematics. Now, when most people find out what I studied at uni they either...

05th Aug 2013

My Research Interests

My current research is investigating how stratospheric processes can interact with ocean circulation. The initial period of my doctoral research was spent looking into general circulation models and seeing how...

01st Aug 2013
STEM logo

My Outreach Activities - An Introduction!

Since the days of undergrad life I have had the privilege of being a STEMNet ambassador. The acronym stands for the Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics Network. STEMNet is an amazing charity...

31st Mar 2015

Infographics: a better way to communicate science?

  Last week I attended the EnvEast Expo (I feel as though I should be hashtagging here!!) and  brought along a infographic presentation I designed. My aim was to try...

24th Nov 2014
Combined upper ocean energy flux for mature splitting composite (© Amee O'Callaghan)

The Effects of Different Sudden Stratospheric Warmings on the Ocean

Introduction   The focus of my PhD is on how the stratosphere interacts with ocean circulation. I find this a remarkable and interesting topic as anomalies in the stratosphere have to typically...

19th Jul 2014
A typical model grid - from NOAA. [Public domain or Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons

General Circulation Models – An Introduction for the Layman.

If you step into my office the chances are you will find me glued to my computer screen. Maybe you will catch me checking my emails or reading a paper...

21st Feb 2014
Left to right: Julian Bigelow, Herman Goldstine, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and John von Neumann at Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.  By Ibigelow, via Wiki Commons.

A History of Climate Models

Many PhD researchers use climate models with little thought of how they were developed. Often there just isn’t time in modern schedules to investigate their history. How these models evolved...

01st Jan 2014

What Is A Sudden Stratospheric Warming And Why Should We Care?

In recent years the stratosphere has become a hot topic in the science community. Many people believe that a better understanding of the stratosphere will lead to a variety of...

31st Oct 2013

My Masters Project

In the final year of my degree I completed a masters thesis under the supervision of Dr Mark Blyth which was on Electrohydrodynamics. This is an exciting area of study...

24th Aug 2013
Fig 1: Core Top abundances of  N.dutertrei

Research Experience Placement

In the Summer of 2010 I was lucky enough to be accepted onto a Research Experience Placement held in the School of Environmental Sciences (at the UEA) and funded by...

19th Aug 2013
chez and me

About Me

This is just a short post on my personal interests and hobbies, to show that I am not a complete work-a-holic... although I do think I come close at times! I...


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